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  • Navy will drop all charges against those facing court-martial trials for deadly collision

    In today’s Federal Newscast, it appears the Navy will be dropping all charges against leadership involved in the USS Fitzgerald’s fatal collision with a merchant ship.

  • Former federal exec., now contractor recounts past funding lapses

    Jonathan Alboum, chief technology officer for the public sector at U.S. Veritas Technologies, had high level technology and acquisition jobs at the Agriculture Department.

  • Can IT Improve Financial Regulation?

    One of the big challenges agencies are facing is the creation of a new and improved financial regulatory system ,in the hopes that we can avoid the current economic situation from happening again. The Industry…

  • Kundra Could be E-Gov Administrator 2

    FederalNewsRadio has learned that Vivek Kundra – the chief technology officer for the Washington, DC government — will be the OMB administrator for e-government and information technology. What challenges does he face… and who is…