Interior Business Center

  • Pay attention to changes to next year’s payroll calendars; they’re all different

    The major federal payroll shared services centers are announcing small — but significant — changes to their pay calendars for 2018, and no two calendars are alike.

  • DHS assures lawmakers its unsuccessful financial system upgrade effort wasn’t for nothing

    House Homeland Security Committee lawmakers tell DHS its fourth attempt to modernize financial systems has to be better.

  • House Approps Committee faults DHS, Interior alike for shared services failure

    The Homeland Security Department will attempt to salvage its nearly three-year effort to move to Interior’s shared services.

  • Commerce, USDA lose senior executives

    Jeff Press, from the Commerce Department, and Billy Milton, from the Agriculture Department, joined a growing list of federal executives moving on from government service.

  • DHS financial management saga adds new wrinkle to ongoing debate

    Savantage Solutions continues to pursue a lawsuit against the Homeland Security Department for the agency’s plans to move its financial management system to a federal shared service provider and not give the private sector a fair opportunity to bid.

  • Senators question federal payroll providers’ efforts to protect feds’ identities

    Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) wrote to the Agriculture Department’s National Finance Center, the Pentagon’s Defense Finance and Accounting Service, the Interior Department’s National Business Center and the General Service Administration’s National Payroll Branch asking for details on their reporting of wage and tax statements in an effort to ensure tax refunds are going to the right people.

  • Agencies play ‘Where’s Waldo’ with two federal executives

    When someone goes on administrative leave, the rumor mill heats up across the federal community and agencies respond with the ubiquitous, “We can’t comment, it’s a personnel matter,” or “Yes, [fill in the person’s name] is still an employee at the agency and we have no other details.”

  • Why we stay: SES in their own words

    The SES has lost its luster in recent years, in part because of constrained program budgets, increased scrutiny from Congress, and a sense among members that political appointees are assuming more of the leadership responsibilities once reserved for them. In part two of our special report, Fixing the SES, five Senior Executive Service members tell Federal News Radio why they choose to stay in the service, and why they believe the SES may have its faults, but it’s not broken.

  • Financial management providers ill-equipped to take on large customers

    In our special report, Shared Services Revisited, OMB still must solve long-standing challenges to ensure federal providers are capable of bringing on large, cabinet level agencies. The role of the private sector is leaving some vendors unhappy, but officials say history shows their success rate with financial management system implementation to be poor.

  • Payroll snafu leads to delayed paychecks for many feds

    Employees at multiple federal agencies, who would normally receive a direct deposit electronic paycheck today, will have to wait until Tuesday because of a mix-up by the Interior Business Center, one of the largest federal payroll processors. Affected agencies include the National Archives and Records Administration, NASA, the National Transportation Saftey Board, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.