• As IoT devices, AI grow, are agencies ready to benefit from computing at the edge?

    On the IT Innovation Insider, Jason Langone and Greg O’Connell of Nutanix say agencies must address security, governance and a host of other issues to successfully use data collected in the field in near-real time.

  • Air Force pilot retention continues to drop despite bigger bonuses

    In today’s Federal Newscast, Customs and Border Protection issues Accenture a partial stop work order to pause its nearly 300 million dollar contract to hire more border patrol agents.

  • Managing security and IoT: driving success for government

    Every federal agency has critical systems, and they should take to the time to investigate options for protecting agency assets from IoT threats.

  • Getting IT asset management right gives agencies a leg up in the race to be cyber secure

    Ellen Sundra, the vice president of Americas systems engineering for ForeScout Technologies, said, like most cybersecurity decisions, agencies need to balance risk and reward when it comes to IoT devices.

  • GSA hires Ad Hoc, Fearless to upgrade portal

    The General Services Administration (GSA) has selected Ad Hoc and Fearless to upgrade the platform. 

  • NIST updating cyber guidance as agencies continue to adopt internet of things

    NIST wants to make sure agencies understand the added challenges of cybersecurity for IoT. That’s why it’s producing a new guidance document on the subject.

  • Staying one step ahead of the internet of things

    Ajit Thyagarajan, founder of Atomic Mole, discusses how his company works to shield internet of things devices in a new and innovative way. Thyagarajan also discusses the difficulty involved in being a startup vying for the attention of larger businesses.

  • Agencies must prepare the steady wave of connected devices

    The Internet of Things is changing the computing landscape across the government. From mobile and wearable devices to smart sensors in buildings to drones sending back a volume and veracity of data like never before.

  • Zero Trust: IoT, machine-to-machine communication and network security

    Akamai Technologies is positioned to assist in managing the cybersecurity of these devices. This is because it has a network around the world that is comprised of 250,000 servers in over 2,700 locations. This gives them the first filter when devices seek to communicate over the Internet.

    David Yoon, senior director of Akamai’s public sector, discussed this recently with Federal News Radio at the Akamai Government Forum in Washington, D.C.

  • Fixing advanced technology’s advanced vulnerabilities

    Glen Gulyas, founder and CEO of Onclave Networks, discusses how the internet of things can be a great boon for society, if it can only move past its huge security hurdles.. Gulyas’s company, Onclave Networks, seeks to provide security for companies worried about attacks on their IoT-based devices.