IT reform

  • At Pentagon, lessons learned on data center consolidation

    Like every agency, the Defense Department has to help the government reduce its IT footprint. But unlike most agencies, it has more than a decade of data center consolidation experience to lean on. Space dedicated to servers in the Pentagon has come down from 45,000 to 15,000 square feet over the past 15 years, officials said.

  • Interior ready to put substance behind IT reforms

    Initial results from the two major changes to the way the agency manages and applies technology will come to the forefront this fall. September 29, 2011

  • IT reforms moving to optimization stage

    Nine months since OMB issued its 25-point plan to improve how agencies oversee technology, the tone is changing. Lisa Schlosser, the federal deputy CIO, said the goal is to make sure agencies are using their people, money and other resources as best as possible. Agencies are finding some early success with the IT reforms, especially around acquisition.

  • Time to update the federal CIO law?

    Sen. Collins asked GAO to study the current roles and responsibilities of these senior technology managers. This would be the third such study from GAO since 1996, but first since 2005. VA’s CIO Roger Baker reiterates his call to give CIOs oversight and authority of their IT budget.

  • How IT reform will affect industry

    What does OMB’s 25-point plan to reform IT and the OFPP’s myth busting campaign mean for industry? Tom Sisti from SAP America joins the show to discuss.

    February 8, 2011

  • Analysis: OMB 25-point IT plan ‘very practical’

    Joe Moye, CEO of Capgemini Government Solutions, shares his thoughts on the strengths and weaknesses of the IT reform plan.

  • CIO Council to survey IT worker skills

    The assessment is part of OMB’s 25-point plan to reform IT. The review begins Jan. 18.

  • Reaction to OMB 25-point IT reform plan

    Former USDA CIO Anne Reed responds to OMB’s plan to reform IT management.

  • OMB releases details of cloud-first policy for agencies

    The use of cloud computing is one of the major aspects of the administration’s “25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management.” OMB recently announced a cloud-first policy for agency IT programs moving forward. Last week, OMB released more details on its cloud computing plans for agencies.    Federal News Radio’s Jason Miller […]

  • Details of OMB’s 25-point IT management reform plan

    The Office of Management and Budget today detailed the framework to reform how your agency buys, uses and manages technology. The 25-point plan is trying to bring agencies in-line with commercial practices through agile development…