Jared Serbu

  • DHS streamlining redress process for citizens

    The Department of Homeland Security gets more Freedom of Information Act requests than any other agency. It’s now assembling a new set of processes that will centralize requests by individuals who want to know what data the agency is storing about them.

  • DHS starts ‘see something say something’ program

    WFED’s Jared Serbu brings details of DHS’ new anti-terrorism program.

  • DHS, GSA want feds to ‘say something’

    The Federal Protective Service is putting posters in 9,000 federal buildings this week, along with a special toll-free hotline, urging federal workers to report suspicious activity.

  • OMB debunks myth about communicating with vendors

    The Office of Management and Budget is going on a myth-busting campaign. OMB wants you to know that talking to vendors is not only permitted, it’s expected. Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu joined the DorobekINSIDER…

  • DISA explains delays for issuing contract requests

    DISA’s Tony Montemorano explains the delay in the request for proposal for the Global Information Grid.

  • Navy activates real-time view of networks

    The Navy’s Fleet Cyber Command said a lack of real-time visibility into their computer networks is a problem. A new operations center opening this week at Ft. Meade will let technicians see cyber attacks as they are happening.

  • DoD to streamline IT acquisition

    A Congressionally-mandated report issued by the Defense Department finds the acquisition and budget processes being used for IT were designed for major weapons systems – not 21st century computer systems. The recommendations would let DoD keep pace with rapid developments in the IT marketplace.

  • Service providers may not be ready for IPv6 transition

    Time is running out for agencies to transition their IT systems to IP Version 6 or IPv6. The federal task force in charge of helping in the transition is focusing on a new question: Will…

  • IPv6 task force looking at vendor readiness for the change

    After meetings between agencies, the CIO Council’s panel is concerned that even if agencies meet OMB’s 2012 deadline to make the switch, their Internet service providers may not. The task force is hoping to meet with GSA and Networx vendors to make sure everyone is ready for IPv6.

  • VA hopes to jumpstart claims processing

    VA officials said they intend eliminate the backlog of disability claims by 2015 by looking to new technology. The agency wants to dramatically expand a pilot program that lets vets submit claims online.