Jeff Neal

  • Some young veterans need more from government

    If the administration took time to think about veteran hiring in a more holistic way, it could offer some veterans who have traditionally struggled to find good jobs an opportunity to build a career in a stable job with good pay and benefits.

  • What happens next with OPM?

    The administration’s proposal to revamp OPM would not be the death-knell of the Civil Service. In fact, Commentator Jeff Neal said let’s try the approach. If it doesn’t work, it’s up to Congress to fix it.

  • Will artificial intelligence replace many federal workers?

    The reality of artificial intelligence and how it will affect the federal workforce may not be as scary as some people might think.

  • HR — The $5 billion question

    At many agencies, HR is one of those overhead services that can consume a surprising amount of money. It’s also a place where managers can find cost savings.

  • Can your agency force you to relocate?

    When the Agriculture Department announce plans in August to relocate hundreds of employees from the D.C. area, some wondered whether the agency could force them to move. Former DHS CHCO Jeff Neal offers his take.

  • Would you recommend the government as an employer?

    The government should be the employer of choice for many people. But is it? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you might recommend a government job, and some reasons why you might not.

  • Federal pay: Primum non nocere

    I believe we should go with the idea of “first, do no harm.” That means giving employees a pay raise that is equal to, or at least close to, the military pay raise.

  • Should we kill FERS?

    Jeff Neal, former CHCO for the Homeland Security Department, says telling people to save more for retirement when they are young is not enough.

  • Why hiring reforms in the 2019 NDAA may not make a difference

    Jeff Neal, former CHCO at DHS, says that the new hiring authority included in the 2019 NDAA is not a bad idea.

  • Government will spend billions in the next 2 months; here are 3 places they should spend it

    Jeff Neal offers some ideas for spending left-over budget money in a way that may benefit the taxpayers and the government workers who serve them.