Jerry Davis

  • VA’s mobile strategy aims for flexibility, multiple devices

    The Veterans Affairs Department wants to hedge its bets when it comes to its planned rollout of up to 100,000 tablet devices. IT leaders worry about the unpredictability of the mobile technology landscape, and don’t want to spend millions to develop apps for a platform that risks being superseded by a competitor.

  • The Federal Drive – September 6

    The Federal Drive has the day off, but you can catch these great interviews from the past few weeks.

  • Jerry Davis moves from NASA to VA

    Veteran NASA CISO Jerry Davis moves to Veterans Affairs. He joins us for a look back and ahead.

  • Cybersecurity and fighting the insider-threat

    Our Federal News Radio Discussion this month explores cybersecurity and the insider-threat with Jerry Davis of NASA, NIST’s Elaine Newton, and Bobbie Stempfley from DHS.

  • How to get started with continuous monitoring

    Host Tom Temin talks with Jerry Davis, the chief information security officer for NASA. July 1, 2010

  • NASA attacks cybersecurity from the inside

    NASA will begin training its own software developers some cybersecurity training.

  • Agencies get ready for FISMA changes

    VA plans on implementing software to monitor desktop computers every 24 hours. NASA is developing a concept of operations plan to move to real-time oversight. OMB mandated agencies know the status of their networks in real time by November.

  • NASA launches software assurance program

    Agency CISO Davis says many times applications are the cause of vulnerabilities in the network. The working group will develop training classes for developers.

  • NASA’s cyberfocus shifts

    NASA’s cyberfocus shifts to real time. We get details from deputy CIO Jerry Davis.

  • NASA stops focusing on FISMA

    GovExec’s Tom Shoop brings us analysis of why NASA’s deputy CIO has told his employees that FISMA compliance isn’t the be-all, end-all of IT security.