John Cooney

  • 4 things for contractors to remember in planning for a possible government shutdown

    Budget experts say it’s only prudent for federal contractors to start preparing now for a possible government shutdown on Oct. 1.

  • 5 ideas for your contractor’s government shutdown plan

    Rumors of a potential government shutdown are growing louder. Members of industry who have been through it before have some advice on what contractors can do to prepare for a potential shutdown.

  • Lessons from Shutdown ’95

    John Cooney, former General Counsel of the Office of Management and Budget in 1995 looks back at the last shutdown for us.

  • Shutdown has different scenarios

    The Professional Services Council held a conference to provide information about preparing for a government shutdown.

  • Contractors need to do homework before shutdown

    A panel of experts said contractors should prepare for a potential government shutdown by figuring out how their specific contracts would be affected in such a scenario. Step one, they said, is for vendors to talk with their agency contracting officers.