John Hickey

  • DoD makes it easier to access classified info remotely

    The Defense Department unveils a quick setup command post that is secure enough to handle classified information in the field.

  • On DoD: DISA mobility, Defense acqusition

    John Hickey, the mobility program manager for the Defense Information Systems Agency, talks about the status of DoD’s commercial mobile device programs, for both classified and unclassified communications. Greg Wenzel, a senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, discusses the findings of a recent survey of government employees about DoD acquisition.

  • Mobility key to military’s future success

    In this week’s edition of Agency of the Month, John Hickey talks about bringing vendor-agnostic, commercial-off-the-shelf mobility solutions at all classification levels to the Department of Defense.

  • DoD upends slow approval process for mobile devices

    In the past, DoD’s security review process took so long that devices were off the market by the time the Pentagon allowed them on government networks. This week, DoD approved a secure, commercial version of Android before its manufacturer even released it.

  • DoD’s new plan promises speedy approval of commercial mobile devices

    The Pentagon’s commercial device implementation plan, made public Tuesday, aims at near-term implementation of a new generation of mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android handhelds and tablets on both classified and unclassified networks.