John Potter

  • Got Perks?

    There’s been a lot of news lately about the floundering economy and the fact that some high-ranking officials who might be getting extra help because of their status. Two weeks ago, Postmaster General John Potter…

  • The Fiscal Future of the USPS

    The U.S. Postal Service is on the ropes, fiscally, and today, the Postmaster General came to Congress looking for a hand, not a handout. FederalNewsRadio’s Max Cacas joins us more.

  • Crisis Time at the Postal Service

    A third-quarter loss of over $2.4 billion is being projected by the US Postal Service. USPS Inspector General David Williams says the loss can largely be attributed to workers’ compensation and future health care payments.…

  • United States Postal Service

    John Potter Postmaster General Sept. 3, 2009

  • GAO: Postal Service business model not working

    A recent report from the Government Accountability Office says additional cuts are needed.

  • USPS seeks innovative, legislative relief for financial woes

    The Postal Service is reeling from the decision by the Postal Rate Commission not to increase the price to mail a letter. USPS was hoping to use the rate hike to help close the $7 billion deficit it faces this year. The service continues to face reduced volume, more people using the Internet and legal barriers to changing key parts of its business mode.

  • Outgoing Postmaster General shares advice for USPS

    Outgoing Postmaster General John Potter joins the Federal Drive for an in depth exit interview.

  • Former Postmaster Potter reviews 32-year career

    Best of interview with John Potter.

  • Federal Newscast – June 21, 2011

    Newscast stories heard on the June 21, 2011, edition of In Depth with Francis Rose.