Jonathan Aberman

  • Jonathan Aberman: New model for finding next generation of contractors

    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is thinking small. In seeking the next generation of technologies and the companies that invent them, it’s not focusing on the standard Defense Industrial Base. Virginia venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman was on a road show with DARPA and Arlington County officials. He explains the new model for generating future government contractors on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • Jonathan Aberman: Silicon Valley not only source for talent, technology

    Washington officials are like moths drawn to the flame of Silicon Valley. They see it as a source of talent, ideas and technology. And it is. But it’s not the only place they find those things. Virginia venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin a more careful approach to acquisition can tease out the best from industry no matter what the location.

  • Contracts aren’t the only gateway to government innovation

    Creating more government innovation won’t come without some creativity, some agency and industry experts say. Adam Tarsi, chief of staff of DoD’s Combating Terrorism Technical Support Office, said agencies should widen their approach and position itself as an incubator for startup companies.

  • Jonathan Aberman: Federal agencies overlook startups

    Federal agencies constantly hunt for new products and services to help them solve problems, but they often skip over startups and other nontraditional sources. That might be changing. Venture capitalist Jonathan Aberman discusses the latest Inc. 500 list with Tom Temin.

  • Jonathan Aberman: Silicon Valley’s siren song

    Like a siren, California’s Silicon Valley seems to beckon members of the Obama administration. But the land of start-ups and technology innovation isn’t all that interested in Washington, or at least not in federal contracting. Jonathan Aberman is the managing director of Amplifier Ventures and the chairman of Tandem NSI, both focused on startups locally. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain why government buyers looking for non-traditional or start-up suppliers need to look beyond mainstream venture capital activity.

  • Stan Soloway & Jonathan Aberman: The ins and outs of contingency contracting

    Following discovery of its data breach, the Office of Personnel Management was criticized for awarding a identity protection contract within 36 hours. But in fact, fast-track procurement makes sense in contingency situations. In reality, the government contracting community is too reluctant to use many of the authorities and flexibilities it has. Stan Soloway is the president and CEO of the Professional Services Council; Jonathan Aberman is the managing director of Amplifier Ventures and chairman of Tandem NSI. They joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explore the topic of contingency contracting, and explain why OPM awarded that original contract so quickly.

  • Jonathan Aberman: Local tech lessons on the OPM breach

  • Jonathan Aberman, Managing Director, Amplifier Ventures

    When CIA director John Brennan announced a reorganization, a big feature was formation of a new directorate. It’s aimed at what Brennan calls digital innovation in cybersecurity and other areas. It has a lot of potential for contractors of all sizes. Jonathan Aberman, managing director of the Northern Virginia capital fund Amplifier Ventures and founder of the non-profit business development-oriented TandemNSI, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to further discuss this development.

  • Jonathan Aberman, Managing Director and Chairman, Amplifier Ventures

    President Barack Obama held the first White House Cybersecurity Summit and pushed for greater sharing of information with an Executive Order. And, the Federal Aviation Administration published rules for the use of small drones over the weekend. Jonathan Aberman is chairman of the venture capital firm Amplifier Ventures and founder of TandemNSI, a non-profit. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to further discuss the news.

  • Government innovation? It gets an ‘A’ for effort

    Federal Drive host Tom Temin reports that agencies and companies at a recent technology conference are betting on innovation.