Katherine Archuleta

  • ‘Good’ news about the OPM breach

    As saying goes, ever dark cloud has a silver lining. That’s true for the recent OPM cyber breach. You just have to look very, very, very hard to find it, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Chorus of lawmakers calling for OPM’s Archuleta to resign grows louder

    While the number of people in Congress calling for the OPM director to resign grows, the White House is voicing support for Katherine Archuleta. NTEU and NARFE have sent letters to OPM asking for more details on the second breach.

  • No other choice but for OPM Director Archuleta to resign

    Commentary: Federal Drive host Tom Temin says he sees no other choice than for OPM Director Katherine Archuleta to resign over the agency’s massive data breaches.

  • OPM’s archaic IT infrastructure opened door for massive data breach

    Office of Personnel Management officials told House Oversight and Government Reform Committee lawmakers that they didn’t encrypt employee Social Security numbers because its systems couldn’t handle the new technologies. Lawmakers pointed to previous breaches of contractors as a highly-probable way hackers got into OPM’s system this time around.

  • OPM hacks and response: Debacle doesn’t even cover it

    Commentary: Embarrassment agency suffered from undetected hacks multiplies with its botched response.

  • Estimate grows on number of feds exposed in data breach

    As many as 14 million current and former civilian employees may have had their personal information exposed to hackers, two sources told the Associated Press, a far higher figure than the 4 million the Obama administration initially disclosed.

  • Federal workers ‘feel betrayed’ by OPM’s response to data breach

    The vast majority of respondents to our Federal News Radio poll – 82 percent – said they were ”very worried” about the breach and that if they were affected, they planned to take advantage of the credit monitoring services being offered by OPM.

  • After OPM cyber breach, what’s the next step for agencies?

    President Barack Obama said ”significant vulnerabilities” exist and will continue to accelerate in government and private sector systems, unless changes are made.

  • OPM warns 4 million federal employees following cyber-intrusion

    The Office of Personnel Management revealed Thursday that the personal information of 4 million current and former federal employees may have been compromised during an April cyber attack on its IT systems.

  • OPM to standardize how agencies report administrative leave

    A memo from OPM Director Katherine Archuleta said a new working group will ensure agencies report comparable and reliable data about how they apply paid administrative leave. The memo comes after a GAO report found inaccuracies governmentwide.