• Navy to build new simulation facilities to deter further ship collisions

    Navy leadership realized they will need new simulation facilities after a 2017 review of collisions that killed 17 sailors.

  • Navy is missing opportunities with the Littoral Combat Ship

    Retired Navy Cmdr. Jim Feldkamp doesn’t think the Navy is thinking enough outside the box when it comes to equipping its new Littoral Combat Ship, designed to be extremely flexible in the missions it can perform, for some of those roles.

  • DoD nominees face scrutiny over Pentagon plan to shrink compensation costs

    Just a day after Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel proposed reductions in military end-strength and shrinking compensation costs as part of next year’s budget plan, a slate of nominees to lead key offices at the Pentagon faced congressional scrutiny.

  • Ship competition may offer Navy a buying model for the future

    Lockheed Martin and Austal are currently building 55 Littoral Combat Ships for the Navy. Kevin Brancato, a defense analyst for BGov and author of the report, “‘Real Competition’ for The Littoral Combat Ship,” discusses how the Navy’s competition between the two contractors may serve as a model for future acquisitions.

  • Navy explains split LCS contract

    Lockheed Martin and Austal Limited will each build ten ships. Rear Admiral David Lewis, the Navy’s Program Executive Officer for Ships, explains why that was necessary.

  • Navy asks Congress for both LCS designs

    Rival teams from Lockheed Martin and Austal USA have been waiting all year to see which of their designs would be chosen for the U.S. Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) competition. Now, if the Navy gets permission from the lame-duck Congress, the winner could be: both.

  • Navy pushes LCS decision back

    The Navy indicated Monday there would be a several-month delay in awarding a high-profile combat ship contract. We get details from The Hill’s Roxana Tiron