Linda Jacksta

  • CBP stretched thin due to workforce, infrastructure issues

    The House Border and Maritime Security Subcommittee questioned executives from Customs and Border Protection, the General Services Administration and the National Treasury Employees Union about the current status of and challenges to CBP’s hiring, retention and infrastructure.

  • Treasury tackles IT reviews in a new way

    Not all agencies are using TechStat for IT projects that are in trouble. In an exclusive report, Federal News Radio finds agencies are seeing unexpected benefits in applying the evaluation tool to programs that are on track. Treasury used TechStat to figure out how best to consolidate three procurement systems.

  • IT projects pulled from brink of failure

    TechStat is rarely about shutting down problematic technology programs. In an exclusive report, Federal News Radio examines how agencies are using the analysis to support existing improvement plans, to move to agile development and to change its relationship with contractors. CBP, NARA and the FBI are recent examples of agencies taking advantage of the visibility and transparency TechStat brings to get programs back on track and completed.