May We Say Thank You

  • How one National Guardsmen helps troops process death in the coronavirus crisis

    One of the more somber and unpleasant jobs performed by the National Guard is to properly handle the bodies of people who died from COVID-19.

  • No better time to say ‘thank you’

    The dedication of our federal workforce and government contractors has been undeterred at every stage of this latest crisis. Join Federal News Network throughout the month of May for our 2nd annual “May We Say Thank You” e-card campaign to recognize the federal and contract workforce.

  • ISO an honest, hard-working bureaucrat

    Everybody has an opinion on the government, on the bureaucracy, on rules and regulations. And much of it is bad. But where does that come from?

  • Recognize those feds who deserve a thank you

    During Public Service Recognition Week (May 5-11) and May’s National Military Appreciation Month, let’s make the time to understand and appreciate the achievements of the men and women who dedicate their lives to service.