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  • IRS making better use of data to eliminate tax return identity theft

    Looking closer at metadata and partnering with state departments of revenue and industry groups, the IRS is reducing risk of tax return identity theft

  • Steve Ryan: Did DoJ prosecutors lie about immigration executive order?

    Judge Andrew Hanen of Texas recently accused federal prosecutors of outright lying in a case challenging President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration. The judge ordered ethics training for the lawyers and told the attorney general to develop a plan for preventing unethical behavior. Attorney Steve Ryan, a partner at the law firm McDermott, Will and Emery, joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to offer his analysis.

  • Stephen Ryan, Partner, McDermott Will & Emery

    A Texas businessman wasn’t content when federal charges against him were dismissed. William Moore, Jr., spent 25 years trying to get back at prosecutors and Postal Service inspectors. Now he’s getting his day in court. Steve Ryan, head of the government strategies practice at McDermott Will & Emery, told Tom Temin on the Federal Drive the implications of the case against Moore.

  • Steve Ryan, Corporate Litigator at McDermott, Will and Emery

    The Defense Department is not keeping track of all the senior officials who leave for jobs with contractors. Congress requires those officials, including flag officers and generals, to get written legal opinions before moving on. Lots of paperwork involved. But at DoD, the inspector general says the database that tracks the moves is incomplete. In this week’s Legal Loop, Steve Ryan, an experienced corporate litigator and head of the government strategies practice at McDermott, Will and Emery, talks to Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp about the revolving door at the Pentagon.

  • Analysis: Budget efforts an ‘absolute train wreck’

    Budget expert Stephen Ryan explains the likelihood of a government shutdown as budget talks continue.