Medicare fraud

  • Two agencies teaming up to combat fraud in veterans healthcare

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services have formed a new partnership to uncover potential waste, fraud and abuse among veteran health providers.

  • Two dozen indicted so far in major crackdown on Medicare fraud

    Justin Bidwell, Assistant Special Agent in Charge at HHS’ IG office, explained to Federal Drive with Tom Temin how one of the biggest schemes in Medicare fraud history worked.

  • Medicare Fraud: How to Protect Yourself

    Insight by NITP, Inc. March 25, 2019 – Host Bob Leins, CPA® and co-host Bob Braunstein, Federal Benefits Specialist at NITP, welcome Theresa Brownson and Darnetta Bascomb, Senior Medicare Patrol Project, AARP Legal Counsel for…

  • It takes a village to defraud the government

    In a sense, it also take a village to take down a major Medicare fraud ring — 400 defendants, including 57 doctors, 162 nurses and 36 pharmacists.

  • OPM proposes new guidelines on administrative leave

    In today’s Federal Newscast, the Office of Personnel Management has proposed new regulations that define parameters for agencies in granting administrative leave.

  • No health care reform can stop a determined fraudster

    Ethical people don’t need a code of ethics, while crooks and cheaters don’t care whether you have one.

  • IG: Medicare contractors vulnerable to conflicts of interest

    Firms that are paid tens of millions of dollars to root out Medicare fraud are bidding on contracts to investigate companies they are doing business with, sometimes their own parent companies, according to a government report released Tuesday.