Michael Esser

  • IG dings OPM again on IT security, staff still shorthanded

    The Office of Personnel Management lacks authorizations for 18 of its major security systems, the agency’s inspector general said in a new report. The IG attributed many of OPM’s IT security problems with a poor governance structure and shorthanded staff. OPM said it’s recently made a few new hires and will have 24 information system security officers soon.

  • More money for OPM cyber may not be the answer

    The Office of Personnel Management is considering sending an additional request to Congress asking for additional funding in 2016 to help pay for cybersecurity fixes, but members of Congress and the agency’s inspector general say that money may not be what is needed in this situation. The request may come as senators hear why OPM needs $32 million more next year for its IT modernization program.

  • OPM vows customer service improvements for breach-affected feds

    Katherine Archuleta, the director of the Office of Personnel Management, told Senate Appropriations Committee lawmakers that she is demanding better performance by Winvale and CSID in how the vendors are answering questions from current and retired employees about the data breach. Archuleta also said the breach suffered by KeyPoint Government Solutions in August 2014 gave hackers access to OPM’s network.