• Microsoft releases cloud version of Office apps

    Microsoft released a cloud version of its popular Office applications suite.

  • Three quick telework factoids

    Numbers about telework have been popping up in the news.

  • OMB teeing up financial, HR systems for the cloud

    Federal CIO Vivek Kundra said there are more than 1,000 of these back-office systems and moving them to private cloud providers could save billions. Several agencies, including Labor and EEOC, already have moved their financial systems to a private cloud. Kundra envisions an interagency effort similar to the one for email where agencies commit to using a governmentwide contract for these services.

  • GSA revisits improvements to search

    This is the fourth time GSA has done a major revamping of the capabilities of the government’s portal. The agency views the changes to as part of how innovations are changing government to solve challenges. Dave McClure proposes new website to bring together all the innovation efforts across government and share best practices.

  • Analysis: Google FISMA claim fails letter of the law

    The argument is over Google’s Apps for Government. Google says they’re FISMA certified. But Microsoft has released some court documents to refute that.

  • Google’s claims of FISMA certification questioned

    Microsoft makes court documents public as part of battle to provide cloud services to the Interior Department. Google contends its Google Apps for Government offers more security than FISMA requires.

  • Life after CRs: contractors sorely needed

    The Honorable Tom Davis talks about on trends facing Government Contractors; as a former congressman and noted technology leader, he shares Government Contractor strategies and vision.

  • Microsoft begs users to stop using IE6

    Microsoft says ”everybody outta the IE6 pool!”

  • Cloud, cloud, everywhere there’s cloud

    Wow. So much news about cloud, so little time. Good thing we have this blog, right? Federal News Radio was busy covering news about cloud computing this week. We’ve gathered all of those stories here for easy access. Army weeks away from enterprise e-mail rollout The Army will begin migrating employees to its new cloud-based […]

  • Microsoft announces new cloud computing option

    Microsoft introduces a new service to deliver the Power of Productivity to customers worldwide. Microsoft’s Christine Zmuda explains how it works.