Mike Causeys Federal Report

  • Columbus Day — the holiday that isn’t

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks, are you among the many who don’t have to work today, or the few holding down the fort?

  • TSP success stories: A double-edged sword?

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asked whether spreading good news about the Thrift Savings Plan was a good thing. His readers said maybe not.

  • TSP’s don’t-get-no-respect fund

    Are you losing money investing in the Rodney Dangerfield option of the federal Thrift Savings Plan? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has an alternative.

  • Social Security, ‘broke’ by 2029: What’s not in it for you?

    A new survey shows most people do not want their Social Security benefits cut. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wonders what will happen when Social Security runs out of money.

  • Who’s the TSP’s $5 million man/woman?

    American federal workers have learned that size does count, big time, especially the person who’s got $5.3 million in his or her 401(k) plan, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Everybody salute William Henry Harrison … among others

    Happy William Henry Harrison Day. Actually, this holiday, officially known as Washington’s Birthday Holiday, has been hijacked by merchants hoping you might buy more if it honored more people. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it’ll always be GW’s birthday to him, and Martha.

  • Buyout time? Recheck your expiration date

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey wants to know if $25,000 is enough to lure you out of your job.

  • Hiring freeze or just a gentle political breeze?

    Is Washington choking inside a great federal hiring freeze or is this just the gentle breeze that usually follows a new presidential team while it attempts to tame the bureaucratic monster they ran against?

  • Survivor Island: Your office

    How would you feel if your brand-new boss made his bones on TV hosting a show where he fired people as the audience cheered? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey ponders this unlikely dilemma.

  • DC weather wimps salute snowbound America

    Is the D.C. metro area in danger of losing its national title as Weather Wimp Center? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says that might be the case.