Mobile computing

  • OJP kick starts workplace initiative with wireless network launch

    Angel Santa, the deputy CIO at the Office of Justice Programs, said an acquisition is possible in the coming months for a wireless network as part of an effort to make employees more mobile ready. March 20, 2014

  • For the Marines, solving the BYOD puzzle is all about cost savings

    Rob Anderson, the chief of the Vision and Strategy Division in the Marine Corps Command, Control, Communication and Computers (C4) office, said reducing the monthly data and voice fees for even 50 percent of the current employees using BlackBerrys could mean as much as $5 million that the Marines could transfer to readiness and operations and maintenance accounts. March 13, 2014

  • The keys to successful IT managment

    Van Hitch, senior advisor for Deloitte’s Federal Practice, and former Justice Department CIO, joins host Roger Waldron to talk about how cloud computing, mobile technology, and other IT advances can help your agency become more efficient. February 4, 2014

  • FCC’s Bray empowering business owners through technology, choices

    David Bray has been the FCC’s chief information officer for about two months and already has six priorities to improve how the commission meets its mission. January 2, 2014

  • Citizenship and Immigration Services eases burden of software development

    The Homeland Security Department’s CIS is using a continuous delivery model where it automates reviews of software code to ensure security and quality. DHS is using a similar approach for mobile apps called the Carwash, where it’s checking the code to compliance with specific requirements.

  • Andrews alters Peace Corps’ approach to improving business processes

    Dorine Andrews, the Peace Corps CIO, said her office is working more closely with the mission areas to use technology on the front end to do business process reengineering. December 5, 2013

  • Marines test real-time intelligence dissemination via smartphones

    The Marine Corps is trying to develop ways to automatically push the vast array of intelligence information gathered by military sensors to low-level marines on the battlefield.

  • Smithsonian boosts network, tools to meet increasing digital demands

    Deron Burba, the Smithsonian’s CIO, said the organization will launch 3-D technology this fall to let researchers and others explore digital images like never before. November 28, 2013

  • NSA testing how to handle classified data over unsecured networks

    A pilot project is part of NSA’s push to layer commercial technologies and standards on top of one another to achieve security goals more quickly. This approach would replace the government-specific IT solutions that can take years and millions of dollars to develop.

  • DoD tackles mobile device authentication through several pilots

    As the Defense Department builds out a technology infrastructure that’s designed to be the latest generation of commercial mobile devices into users’ hands, it’s still unsure how to meet a key security requirement: identity management systems that comply with the military’s existing requirements for secure user authentication.