Mobile devices

  • DISA to manage mega-gadgets

    DISA has plans to manage and monitor a million cellphones and other mobile gadgets.

  • Need rises for mobile cybersecurity

    IT shops all over the federal community are fighting back, by hiring mobile security firms to keep the bad guys out.

  • FAA concerned over bandwidth, not security with iPads

    The Air Traffic Organization is in the middle of one of the largest pilots in government testing mobile computing devices. ATO CIO Steve Cooper said business organizations must have a valid need to use the devices. Cooper said ATO will test other mobile devices this spring.

  • How to effectively use mobile devices

    The increased use of mobile technology is causing federal IT professionals to look at all options in managing these new devices. What should be the policy for your agency? Karim Toubba, vice president at Juniper, discusses these issues. April 5,2011

  • Overcome challenges of going mobile in government

    Gwynne Kostin, director of Mobile, Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies of GSA, explains how employees can overcome some of the biggest challenges to mobile technologies.

  • NSA to test mobile device security

    The National Security Agency is testing a new IT architecture for securing data on mobile devices.

  • Attacks on mobile devices doubled

    It’s not only your smart phone that’s at risk. Malware can also infect basic cell phones. Many of the threats stem from SMS Trojans, which can send messages to premium rate numbers without your knowledge.

  • Tablets flood market, shape mobile workforce

    The release of the iPad2 – Apple’s latest version of its tablet computer – is not just hype but a sign of an increasingly mobile federal workforce.

  • IT workers lack control in mobile cybersecurity

    For cybersecurity, your biggest vulnerability just might be right there in your hand – your mobile devices.

  • Pitfalls of employee-owned mobile devices for work

    A few agency CIO’s have bought onto the idea of employee-owned cell phones and laptops. But what are the pitfalls?