• For federal workforce training must be the top priority

    New book highlights possible way forward to change HR system

  • Open government used for Quadrennial Homeland Security Review

    The Department of Homeland Security and the National Academy of Public Administration teamed up to create the document; NAPA has released a report about how they did.

  • Report endorses pay for performance for Intel community

    A recent report from the National Academy of Public Administration says the principles behind the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System are sound.

  • OPM wants to settle the fed salary debate

    Director John Berry has asked federal and private sector experts to come up with a formula to compare public and private sector salaries. He says the government has a perception problem that needs to be fixed. Two senators introduce provisions to freeze federal pay and the number of employees.

  • OPM Director John Berry wants end to Federal pay debate

    His goal: to settle once and for all the question of whether federal employees are overpaid compared to the private sector.

  • DoT, NASA use Web 2.0 to increase satisfaction

    What makes one federal agency better than another in terms of worker contentment? One of Washington’s good government groups did some additional digging in the wake of the federal ”Best Places to Work” survey and found that better communication using social networking tools helped at least two agencies move up the list.

  • DorobekINSIDER guest host: Lena Trudeau

    A bio of guest host Lena Trudeau of NAPA.

  • White House should heed lessons of reorgs past

    Nearly every President since Richard Nixon tried to revamp how the government works in one way or another, and few have found any real success. Experts say the focus should be getting Congressional buy-in first, and not promising cost savings. Four senior lawmakers ask OMB for more information on the status of the current restructuring effort.

  • Countdown: Budget gridlock, public employees’ union rights

    Host Francis Rose counts down the top federal news stories of the week with Lena Trudeau of the National Academy of Public Administration and Al Burman of Jefferson Consulting.

  • Agencies still must do more to fix hiring process

    Federal hiring still takes too long and asks too much of applicants. But the agency hiring process is inching closer to mirroring the private sector. Officials, academics, analysts and union representatives agreed that agencies need to take the next steps to maintain progress.