• National Archives and Records Administration

    Leo Scanlon Director of IT Security Programs Encore Presentation

  • Archivist to step down

    Allen Weinstein, archivist of the United States, will step down effective Dec. 19. The National Archives and Records Administration announced today that Weinstein submitted his resignation Dec. 7 because of health concerns. Weinstein has been…

  • Archives to help manage A-files

    Crafting your family tree just got a bit easier. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (or USCIS) has partnered with the National Archives to retain millions of immigrant registration files. Before this deal, these so…

  • History at risk over unclassified and declassified information

    Without training and leadership, modern history may be lost forever.

  • Search continues for missing NARA hard drive

    In the process of converting Clinton-era White House documents to a new electronic storage system, the National Archives turns to popular portable digital storage devices. Then, one of those portable hard drives disappears. And a House committee gets a progress report on the investigation.

  • Archives moves to preserve the past, digitally

    The online revolution is opening the floodgates of information for your family tree. The National Archives will digitize millions of Census records from the 1940 population count. Dr. Michael Kurtz, Assistant Archivist for Records Services…

  • Agencies classifying less information

    NARA’s new report to the President finds that fewer individuals are receiving classification authority. The document also says a majority of the information that is classified likely will stay secret for 10 years or less.

  • eRecords at risk: NARA report

    NARA finds the Federal Government does not consistently manage its records and information – particularly its electronic records – well enough to meet business needs, protect rights or assure accountability, and ensure the continued preservation and access of permanently valuable records. Laurence Brewer is the Director of the Life Cycle Management Division at NARA explains

  • Archives uses Web 2.0 to write Open Government Plan

    NARA launched Web 2.0 tools, asking for the public’s help with writing its Open Government Plan. The agency’s chief digital access strategist discusses the suprising response they got.

  • National Archives are ‘backbone of transparency’

    WFED’s Max Cacas reports.