• NIST Guide Update

    The National Institutes of Standards and Technology is updating a nearly four-year-old publication that guides how agencies protect their computer networks. NIST is trying to help agencies battle the changing nature of the cyber threat…

  • Cyber review heads to final deliberations

    CIO Council offers advice on improving agency input on IT security

  • Usability, human behavior and security systems

    Mary Theofanos, NIST computer scientist, May 14, 2009

  • NIST looks to define the cloud

    Draft explanation kicks off effort to develop special publication for government architecture, strategies and security.

  • Advisory board: overhaul privacy

    Issues of privacy can sometimes get lost in the Web 2.0 world we live in, so an advisory board for the National Institute of Standards and Technology is calling for an update to the Privacy…

  • NIST and DHS Activities Examined

    Cybersecurity is a hot topic in Washington as we await the appointment of President Obama’s cyber czar. The House Science Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation asked four witnesses to testify about cybersecurity activities at NIST…

  • Microsoft Vista Making Way For Windows 7

    The migration to Windows Vista in the Federal market has been slow, and Microsoft is already close to releasing Vista’s successor, Windows 7. The National Institute of Standards and Technology is looking at Windows 7…

  • NIST releases final cybersecurity recommendations

    Many fundamentals are reiterated, while new threats are also identified.

  • SAMMIES nominee making incalculable contributions to understanding

    Dr. Ian Spielman pioneered a new area of research in government that’s helping scientists understand crucial, but currently intractable, mysteries of physics — like an explanation of something called high-temperature superconductivity.Spielman is a Physicist at…

  • CIO Council taskforce to change security metrics

    New group is developing performance measures that are based on outcomes. OMB has set a November deadline for a draft of the metrics that will be reviewed by government and industry. DHS says the governmentwide focus to improve cybersecurity is on standards, metrics and authentication.