North Carolina

  • How Eric Boyette ascended ranks from DMV to North Carolina’s CIO

    North Carolina Chief Information Officer Eric Boyette rose through the ranks over 20 years of state service. He joined host John Thomas Flynn on Ask the CIO: SLED to talk about plans for his state’s IT.

  • PHOTOS: Federal employees prepare for Hurricane Florence

    More than 3,800 civilian federal employees, and more than 9,700 military personnel are currently deployed to help respond to Hurricane Florence.

  • A ‘shutdown’ before the shutdown?

    Storm watchers’ biggest fear is that, like Hurricane Harvey last year, the giant Florence will slow almost to walking speed and dump feet of water on the East Coast, where the ground is already saturated.

  • Terrorist ring busted in NC

    Federal authorities are searching for a U.S. citizen charged with plotting “violent jihad” as part of a North Carolina group suspected of international terrorist aspirations. Investigators arrested seven men yesterday, accusing them of military-style training…