Northern Virginia Technology Council

  • Northern Virginia Technology Council leader is retiring after 20 years

    The Northern Virginia Technology Council has the thrived under the leadership of Bobbie Kilberg for two decades. She has now announced her retirement.

  • GAO says some Marine commands spent too much or too little on civilian employees

    In today’s Federal Newscast, a Government Accountability Office report says four Marine Corps Commands either overspent or underspent at least $5 million on civilian personnel in 2019.

  • Special Operations Command to issue ethics guidance, amid scandals

    In today’s Federal Newscast, U.S. SOCOM General Raymond Thomas III calls for a 90-day review amid a handful of ethics scandals.

  • 2 days of DoD cloud chatter leaves us all continuing to guess

    Three different events show how lawmakers and vendors are getting more involved in the ongoing contest around JEDI.

  • Bobbie Kilberg, President, Northern Virginia Technology Council

    Leadership of the Department of Veterans Affairs is reviewing the recommendations of a working group of the Northern Virginia Technology Council. That working group looked at scheduling at two VA medical centers in Virginia. Bobbie Kilberg is president of the Northern Virginia Technology Council. On In Depth with Francis Rose, she explained who did what for VA, and why.

  • DoD contracting cuts less painful than expected

    In a meeting with members of Congress and industry association leaders this week, DoD officials said proposed cuts to Defense contracting will only impact a small subset of the department’s service contracting budget. DoD officials said they are looking at contracts that support staff augmentation and other similar support service contracts.

  • Arlington Cemetery to get special tech support

    Northern Virginia information-technology companies will help Arlington National Cemetery sort out bungled burial records, nudging it from index cards to computers. Bobbie Kilberg, President and CEO of the Northern Virginia Technology Council gives us the details

  • Who is Saying ‘Check Please’?

    The employee-free-choice act, or “card check” is the proposed legislation that would eliminate secret-ballot elections in the process used to form workplace unions. But how would it affect local federal contractors? Bobbie Kilberg is President…