Nycci Nellis

  • New year, new you

    Here’s what you need to know to start the new year right and be serious about it this time.

  • Cookies and milk? We don’t think so!

    It’s gingerbread cookies and wine for Santa this year.

  • A treat for mind, body (especially the tummy!) and spirit

    Our annual gift giving guide.

  • Beauty and The Foodie

    A classic, filled with amazing eats, cocktails …CHAMPAGNE! … and (what else?) beauty tips (go figure!).

  • We’re taking you away

    How great travel has become, starting with airports and the variety to be found there for eating, drinking, and killing time waiting for that flight.

  • Fostering a greater ownership role for blacks in D.C.’s restaurant scene

    Getting at the roots of why African-Americans are underrepresented in the ranks of D.C.’s restaurant owners. And learning about the benefits of setting aside suburban land for agricultural use.

  • What’s happening at DC’s Wharf?

    The Wharf is D.C.’s hot, new meeting place, with dazzling water views, spectacular new restaurants, year-round entertainment, and waterside style all together in one inspiring location.

  • ‘Cause you had a bad day

    We discover one way to help children in peril, and we discover an aptly named cure for a rough day. (Hint: it involves wine.)

  • I falafel and now I feel great

    An Israeli concept opens in Cleveland Park. And we get smarter about pairing wines with cheeses.

  • Life in plastic not fantastic

    We discuss the environmental downside to reliance on plastics in our everyday lives, particularly in the food and restaurant industries.