Office of Naval Research

  • Marines test real-time intelligence dissemination via smartphones

    The Marine Corps is trying to develop ways to automatically push the vast array of intelligence information gathered by military sensors to low-level marines on the battlefield.

  • Navy outlines energy goals and investments

    Dr. Richard Carlin, director of the Navy’s Sea Warfare and Weapons Department in the Office of Naval Research, outlines his organization’s energy goals and the Navy’s increasing investments in its Energy Excelerator program.

  • DoD looks to deploy new fuel efficient generators in the field

    The Office of Naval Research is developing a more efficient generator that uses less fuel and creates less hassle when carrying it around the battlefield.

  • Navy wants lasers to knock out drones

    The Office of Naval Research is asking industry for proposals to develop the new weapon. A demonstration has already shown what’s possible.

  • In Depth interviews – June 4

    On the In Depth show blog, you can listen to the interviews, find more information about the guests on the show each day and links to additional resources.

  • Office of Naval Research takes new approach on OCI

    Mark Bennington, the executive director for acquisition management at the Navy research unit joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Amy Morris to discuss his department’s approach to the thorny issues involved in OCIs.

  • Naval Research rolls out first online war game

    Aargh! The Navy will deploy a new breed of fighters to combat Somali pirates: internet-gamers.

  • Navy closer to arming ships with lasers

    For the first time, the Office of Naval Research has proven that its laser can operate at sea.

  • Navy creates a new buzz about green lighting

    You knew it had to happen sometime. There’s now an alternative to alternative lighting. The Office of Naval Research’s Stephanie Everett and Charles Ziervogel explain.

  • The New Energy Naval Forum

    You already know that the federal government is going green. That’s true for the military, too. And the Office of Naval Research has teamed with Task Force Energy to co-host the first ever Energy Naval…