• FOIA study indicates ‘imbalance’ between agency staff and number of cases

    The government received yet another record-breaking volume of Freedom of Information Act requests last year, but a handful of agencies, year after year, continue to receive the majority of those requests.

  • Why a FOIA workforce shortage? Employees may see work as ‘punishment’

    Agencies receive more Freedom of Information Act requests now than ever before. But their workforces haven’t kept up with the growing demand.

  • FOIA managers stymied by ‘thick walls’ in trying to get records

    The Freedom of Information Act has been the law of the land for 50 years, but former government officials say the landmark transparency bill doesn’t empower agency offices to reduce their huge information request backlogs.

  • Jared Serbu, DoD Reporter, Federal News Radio

    When Congress updated federal open government laws in 2007, it created a new ombudsman designed to serve as an honest broker between Freedom of Information Act requestors and federal agencies. But unlike most other ombudsmen, this one works for one of the parties in the disputes it’s supposed to mediate. As Federal News Radio’s Jared Serbu reports, new legislation would change that by making the Office of Government Information Services truly independent from the executive branch.