• USPS tries for more service with fewer offices

    A flexible, agile Postal Service will be needed to adapt to changing mailing preferences and to increase the opportunity to consolidate redundant retail facilities. Details from USPS’s Mike Magalski, Director of Network Optimization.

  • USPS searches for break even point

    How much mail would the USPS have to handle to turn a profit? We get an update about a recent study from Renee Sheehy, an economist with the Office of the Inspector General at the Postal Service

  • Getting USPS back to black

    If the OIG’s proposals were placed in effect, the Postal Service could potentially recover $142.4 billion. Details from USPS’s Lorie Nelson.

  • OIG: sustainability at USPS is possible

    Prefunding USPS pension plans, says the Postal Service, is breaking them. Lorie Nelson, with the USPS OIG, has some surprising findings.

  • OIG reviews social media use at embassies

    The Office of the Inspector General at the State Department examined social media use in 22 foreign embassies.

  • NASA spacecraft servers have cyber-holes

    NASA’s internal computer network is full of holes and vulnerable to a cyberattack, an audit by the Office of the Inspector General has found.

  • $1.7 billion in errors in Defense recovery data

    Defense Department spending data submitted to Recovery.gov contained $1.7 billion in errors.

  • Coast Guard contract officer sentenced in $150K fraud case

    Lt. Danielle Daniese Ferreira, 36, of Alexandria, Va., pleaded guilty to obtaining thousands of dollars from Coast Guard repair contracts that she oversaw. Her co-defendants channeled money into two accounts owned by Ferreira and her spouse.

  • Coburn blasts DHS for gaps in its cybersecurity

    The Homeland Security Department’s Office of Inspector General took a look at DHS’ information security program and practices and found them lacking.

  • Richard Levi, General Counsel, General Services Administration

    The federal government market has provided a great living for a large number of contractors for a long time. But doing business with the government also comes with a heavy dose of regulation and oversight. That was the topic of a panel discussion Thursday at the Coalition for Government Procurement spring training conference. Richard Levi, counsel to the inspector general at the General Services Administration, spoke to Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp, which broadcast live from the conference. View photos and listen to interviews from our coverage.