Oliver Schlake

  • Pushing the region into technology product innovation

    In this special double-feature episode, we hold two separate panels with two pairs of experts. First, Oliver Schlake, Clinical Professor at Robert H. Smith School of Business; and Jack McDougle, president and CEO of the GWBT, discuss how to grow the region’s economy through new technology and product-oriented business. Next, Ed Bersoff, serial entrepreneur and angel investor; and Tami Howie, partner at DLA Piper and former CEO of Maryland Tech Council, discuss how the Tandem Product Academy works to spur innovation in the D.C. area.

  • “Job schools” could create better workers

    Finding qualified employees is still a challenge for employers in the region.

    “The critical issue right now is the big gap we have between a high school diploma and a university diploma,” said Oliver Schlake, clinical professor at the Smith School of Business in Maryland.

  • Myths vs. reality for business students

    Some entrepreneurs don’t always realize is that innovation isn’t simply having a good idea, it’s doing the work to make it happen.