• Little-noticed section of OMB’s reorg memo brings the real potential for change

    The Office of Management and Budget’s ambitious plan to reorganize and restructure the government is asking agencies to consider ideas such as shared services, insourcing and outsourcing and all-but-mandating the use of existing multiple-award contracts. These concepts have real potential to change and transform agencies and their mission areas.

  • Donald Cohen: Outsourcing increases inequality

    Outsourcing could make a big comeback under the Trump administration. But would it be a good idea? Not in the opinion of Donald Cohen, the founder and executive director of California think tank In the Public Interest. It looked at several privatization efforts at the state and local level, from Iowa Medicaid to school district bus services and found they worsen inequality. Cohen shares more on Federal Drive with Tom Temin.

  • 3 phases of the presidential transition the federal IT community is watching

    Federal IT experts say it’s unclear what a Trump administration will focus on when it comes to technology policies and programs.

  • Deja vu: IRS outsources collection

    When the IRS’s major union and its taxpayer advocate agree something is a bad idea, maybe it’s time to take another look.

  • NIH may be spared from sequestration, Cardin says

    The Maryland Democrat fielded questions from National Institutes of Health employees at a town-hall meeting at the agency’s Bethesda headquarters.

  • Commerce’s ITA getting out of IT business

    Joe Paiva, the International Trade Administration’s CIO, said he wants to outsource the agency’s network, device management and printing to the private sector.

  • OFPP’s Gordon not stymied by bumps in the road to acquisition reform

    Despite pushback on some issues by industry, Dan Gordon listens to input from all sides as the Office of Federal Procurement Policy continues to follow its own path to reform the acquisition process. The OFPP administrator said his office is close to issuing new guidance around business cases for multiple award contracts and a final rule redefining inherently governmental jobs.

  • Defense bill nudges toward outsourcing

    Several outsourcing-friendly provisions made their way into the Defense authorization bill approved by the House of Representatives last week. The bill would lift a moratorium on public-private competitions via the A-76 process in DoD, and expresses the sense of Congress that DoD should insource only those jobs which are inherently governmental.

  • Bill would reform A-76 outsourcing process

    Sen. Mikulski and Rep. Sarbanes introduce legislation to change the way agencies outsource jobs and determine what are inherently governmental functions.

  • For Feds, True Grit May Not Be Enough

    Federal workers are under a two-year pay freeze, Congress is looking at furloughs and pension cuts and yet, we are told, these are the good old days. Things may get tougher for you and your agency. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says while it may not be the end of the world, this is definitely not just a drill.