• Trading can help, hurt your TSP

    Fiddling around with your Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) account too much could hurt your wallet. Federal News Radio spoke with Tom Trabucco, director of external affairs at the Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board, about problems that could arise.

  • OPM, OMB cap bonuses for feds

    The administration has capped the amount federal agencies can spend on performance awards for employees.

  • Federal pay, benefits in question

    Congress is mulling a number of bills that could significantly change federal employees’ pay and benefits. Federal News Radio’s Francis Rose asked Tammy Flanagan, Senior benefits Director for the National Institute of Transition Planning, to explain the potential impact.

  • Could pay and benefits cuts be good?

    Not everyone thinks you’re being persecuted by all of the proposals to freeze your pay and cut your benefits. Federal News Radio Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has some comments from one of those people in…

  • Overpaid Feds? Uncle Sam Doesn’t Do Retail

    How many hamburger flippers, box-store greeters and grocery store baggers does Uncle Sam employ? Short answer, not too many which Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says may explain while federal salaries are bigger than in many sections of the private sector.

  • Congress coming after federal slackers

    Feds who goof off on the job, or who spend all day surfing the net, watching the clock or on personal business are in for trouble. Congress is coming. So why are the vast majority of civil servants not quaking in their boots? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey tells all.

  • Friday Morning Federal Newscast – July 1, 2011

    USPS cancels bonuses for executives, officers and administrative staff.

  • Feds’ $60B sacrifice might not be enough

    Jessica Klement, chief lobbyist for the Federal Managers Association and Federal Times senior writer Steve Losey join host Mike Causey on today’s program. September 14, 2011

  • OPM commits to stopping payments to dead people

    The Office of Personnel Management has created a task force to lead efforts to stop payments to retirees who have died. An inspector general report released Thursday revealed that OPM had paid $601 million in benefits to dead people since 2006.

  • Good time to watch your back

    A picture is starting to form about what federal and postal workers can expect from Congressional budget-cutters. And as you probably suspected, it isn’t pretty, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.