• DoD’s longest-serving employee marks 75 years in government

    Sarkis Tatigian, 94, just marked his 75th anniversary as a Navy employee, but says he has no immediate plans to retire.

  • Library of Congress photos: News from the 1910s

    The Library of Congress is the repository of thousands of photographs that provide a peek into the daily life of Americans 100 years ago and beyond. Dating from the 1910s, these photos originated from the Bain News Service.

  • John Crawford: 50 years in federal service and going strong

    Fifty years is a long time for a federal career, but we found one employee who joined federal service during the Lyndon Johnson administration. John Crawford, managing director of plant operations for the Government Publishing Office, tells Eric White on Federal Drive with Tom Temin he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

  • Constantine ‘Gus’ Sarkos: Dedicated to improving aircraft safety

    When it comes to fire safety aboard commercial aircraft, Constantine “Gus” Sarkos is the nation’s expert. As head of the FAA’s Fire Safety Branch, Sarkos and his team have played a pivotal role improving cabin and cargo safety, leading to a dozen significant changes to U.S. and foreign aircraft during the past three decades. For his work, he’s been named one of the 33 finalists for this year’s Service to America Medals. He tells Federal News Radio’s Emily Kopp more about that work and the likelihood of an aircraft catching fire nowadays.

  • Rosenberg called ‘national treasure’ for immunotherapy work

    Dr. Steven Rosenberg believed in the viability of immunotherapy as an effective treatment for cancer when few others would.

  • Thayer leads USAID team bringing food assistance to Syrian refugees

    As team leader for USAID’s Syrian food assistance program, Rob Thayer has been instrumental to helping to bring life-saving help to the region, with the U.S. providing $1.1 billion in food assistance so far.

  • Jacob Moss leads effort to reduce global indoor air pollution

    Jacob Moss, senior adviser at the Environmental Protection Agency, has been working with the State Department on a project to develop cleaner and more efficient stoves that can be distributed to millions of homes.

  • NIH doctor inspired to pursue sickle cell disease cure

    Personal experiences inspire Griffin P. Rodgers to become a doctor and develop lifesaving treatments.

  • FAI, HHS get new execs; USPS loses key IT leader

    There’s been a lot of movement in the federal IT and acquisition communities over the last few weeks.

  • Milam helps keep deployed service members, families in touch

    The Partnership for Public Service recently named Charles E. Milam, the Defense Department’s principal director of Military Community and Family Policy, as a Service to America Medal finalist.