performance management

  • Nicole Ogrysko: Agencies take new approach to performance management

    Chief human capital officers have been looking at their performance management practices and are tweaking those for the 2019 budget submission.

  • New OMB performance mgmt. guidance comes down too harshly on poor performers, experts say

    The Office of Management and Budget is asking agencies to come up with new performance management plans by June 30. Human capital experts say the OMB guidance prompts agencies to consider several important questions but focuses too heavily on addressing poor performers, and not enough on recruiting and retaining top employees.

  • Nearly 250,000 DoD employees will see a new personnel appraisal system in April

    The Defense Department will move nearly a quarter of a million workers to the New Beginnings system in April.

  • Half of agency supervisors say they’re confident they could remove ‘bad apples’

    Agency culture and a poor understanding of the disciplinary process are some of the biggest challenges supervisors, managers and senior executives said they face when trying to fire an employee for misconduct. The Merit Systems Protection Board surveyed 10,000 federal managers about their understanding and opinions of civil adverse action procedures.

  • Senate committee kicks off series of hearings on civil service reform

    The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs’ federal workforce subcommittee said it’s on a fact-finding mission this year. Subcommittee Chairman James Lankford (R-Okla.) said he wants to hear from federal managers about the existing authorities and processes that make their jobs more difficult.

  • Bob Tobias: New House bill would institute performance management

    The House just passed the Government Reform and Improvement Act of 2016, which would institute performance management, secure information systems, and lengthen probationary periods for career employees. Bob Tobias, professor in the Key Executive Leadership Program at American University, tells Federal Drive with Tom Temin the bill as a bit of a grab bag.

  • OPM to agencies: no ‘burrowing in’ to the next administration

    The Office of Personnel Management is reminding managers of existing protocols for reviewing their employees. OPM encouraged executives to apply the “employee engagement plus” methodology to their appraisal process.

  • GAO: Ratings inflation, shrinking performance awards trouble SES system

    What’s the difference between an amazing senior executive and a pretty good one? Not much, says the Government Accountability Office after reviewing agencies’ pay-for-performance compensation systems.

  • The future of performance reviews

    Dr. Janice Presser, CEO of the Gabriel Institute and Grant Thornton’s Virginia Gibson will discuss the importance of performance reviews and how to improve them. September 5, 2014

  • Pete Randazzo, Local 1690 Union President, NFFE

    One of the longest-running conflicts the Pentagon deals with is the fight over employee performance management. The National Security Personnel System only lasted a couple of years before Congress voted it out of existence. Now the Defense Department is taking another shot at employee performance management. Pete Randazzo is Local 1690 Union President for the National Federation of Federal Employees. Randazzo was co-lead for a Performance Management Design Team that offered recommendations to the Pentagon. He explained his team’s work on In Depth with Francis Rose.