phased retirement

  • Is phased retirement the ‘New Coke’ of civil service reform?

    With all of the hype surrounding the passage of phased retirement, you might have expected thousands of people to have signed up. But only a relative handful have to date. Jeff Neal, former DHS chief human capital officer, offers a reason why.

  • HUD touts phased retirement program as means to build a ‘stronger’ agency

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development is the latest agency to get on board with “succession planning.”

  • Phased retirement: Career break for younger feds?

    Phased retirement could be a catalyst for new and mid-career employees to move up the ranks of federal agencies, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Phased retirement reality. Now what?

    Federal agencies that have been waiting for somebody else to take the phased retirement plunge can relax. The Environmental Protection Agency told employees yesterday that a phased retirement program is now available for most eligible EPA employees.

  • While you were away …

    Senior Correspondent Mike Causey has been checking the congressional calendar and he doesn’t like what he sees.

  • Going part-time: What are your odds, options?

    After seemingly hibernating in the land of the lost, Uncle Sam’s phased retirement program is popping up all over, says Senior Correspondent Mike Causey.

  • Phased retirement: And the winner (sort of) is HUD!

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development is the first major agency out of the gate to offer a phased-retirement program. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey asks, what does that mean for other agencies?

  • SSA: Phased retirement’s not right for us now

    Deputy Commissioner for Human Resources Reginald Wells of the Social Security Administration said his agency opted not to pursue a phased retirement program.

  • Phased retirement’s long rollout

    When will the government’s long-awaited phased retirement program begin? Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says it’s likely to be approved and announced before the end of Donald Trump’s first term as president.

  • What is the best date for you to retire?

    Jump-start your retirement income-building by listening to benefits expert Tammy Flanagan – this week’s guest on Your Turn with host Mike Causey.