predictive analytics

  • What the amazing Thai cave rescue taught us about outcome prediction

    Heather Gittings, the global industry director of the public sector and healthcare for Qlik, describes why agencies need to understand the where and what of the data.

  • SAS: Understanding Zika with Zetabytes

    Dr. Steve Bennett, principal product marketing consultant at SAS, joins host John Gilroy to discuss biosurveillance, big data, old fashioned analytics, predictive analytics and advanced analytics. June 7, 2016

  • When big data gets too big, agencies seek creative approaches

    Agencies are swimming in data, and they’re looking for ways to sift through the noise and identify the most important pieces of information to help them make meaningful decisions more quickly and accurately.

  • Army suicide prevention takes on new, data-driven form

    Predictive analytics are changing the way the Army thinks about its training and programs to combat suicide — and other adverse factors that might impact a soldier’s readiness. The service wrapped up a five-year study, called Army STARRS, this past summer.

  • HHS fraud teams turn page in big data movement

    A diverse team within the Health and Human Services Department’s Office of Inspector General is using data — and predictive analytics — to identify more than $712 million in false billing.

  • Managing complex IT systems

    Rebecca Halstead, president of the local chapter of the International Institute of Business Analysis and David Pradko, vice president of Finance for the IIBA, will how their organization can help your agency with its software development projects. September 9, 2014

  • Business intelligence & predictive analytics

    Charles Caldwell, director of Solutions Engineering at LogiAnalytics, will discuss how his company can help your agency with data management. January 7, 2014