• Federal Open Season – with Kaiser Permanente

    Host Bob Leins, CPA® and co-host Tammy Flanagan, Senior Benefits Director at NITP, as they welcome guests Gavin Toner, Jennifer Williams, and Dr. Bruce Wollman from Kaiser Permanente.

  • Your health plan vs. the law of averages

    Workers and retirees in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program have several choices: They can shop around, talk with their primary physicians, or, like most people they can do nothing.

  • The Consumers’ Checkbook Guide and FEHBP Open Season with Walton Francis

    Hosts Bob Leins, CPA® and Ray Kirk, Ph.D. and Federal Benefits Specialist at NITP, welcome insurance expert and author Walton Francis to the studio to talk about FEHBP open season.  The CHECKBOOK’s Guide shows that most families can save $2,000 or more by selecting better plan choices.

  • Pay less, get more health plan(s)

    Hundreds of thousands of active and retired federal and postal workers have the opportunity to pay less and get more as the health insurance hunting season runs through Dec. 10.

  • Reasons not to change health plans: The devil you know

    Against statistics and advice, Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says only about 6 percent of health policyholders change plans.

  • Your most important financial decision

    If you were in a car crash and got hit with a $19,000 medical bill, could you pay for it out-of-pocket, or would your health insurance cover it?

  • Following the 3 P’s: pay, pension, premiums

    The new fiscal year may bring a pay raise and a larger COLA, but it also brings higher premiums. Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says keep your radar up

  • Medicare and the FEHB

    Our Hosts, Bob Leins and Tammy Flanagan, welcome Paula S. Jakub, RHU, CEO of The American Foreign Service Protective Association to the studio to talk about Medicare and the FEHB.

    March 6, 2017

  • LTC premiums up 83 percent; pay raise, maybe 1.6 percent

    Long-term care premiums going up 83 percent? The horrible choice facing feds reminds Senior Correspondent Mike Causey of a game his kids used to play.

  • What are your options with LTC premium hike?

    Paul Forte and Joan Melanson of Long Term Care Partners, the company that administers the FLTCIP, join Senior Correspondent Mike Causey on Your Turn to answer questions about long-term care coverage and benefits.