President’s Management Council

  • Federal government’s employer brand is in trouble

    Employer branding is one of the chief battlefields in the fight for talent. The government is not well-positioned for that fight.

  • How COOs are indispensable to management agendas

    These COOs frequently occupy deputy secretary positions that require Senate confirmation, many of which are vacant in the current administration. But it’s the people occupying these offices that are best positioned to make real changes in the way agencies perform their missions.

  • OMB to soon give agencies initial guidance on cutting burdensome activities

    The Office of Management and Budget is expected to release a new memo later this week, which will describe an initial review of existing requirements and reporting burdens that the administration believes agencies can scale back.

  • Agencies struggling to share talent across government

    In the latest progress report for the cross-agency priority goal of developing the federal workforce to its full potential, seven of 12 milestones are at risk, while two others have been missed.

  • SES reforms on pace for this summer

    OPM told a Senate subcommittee that recruitment, training and onboarding are among their top priorities to improve the Senior Executive Service. More than half of all SESers are eligible to retire by 2013. OPM’s Nancy Kichak said SES pay compression is the biggest challenge in need of Congressional help.