• Expect the unexpected with upcoming budget, appropriations cycle, experts say

    Upcoming budget cycles in 2017 and 2018 will be unlike any other for agencies and contractors, some budget experts say. They predict the Trump administration will try to “change the rules” to overcome debates among members of Congress and cabinet leaders who can’t agree on the future of the defense and domestic spending caps.

  • Industry makes appeal to DoD on research rule

    A group of defense organizations are crying foul over a new rule that cracks down on how companies can portray research funds given to them by the the Pentagon.

  • Why Trump’s hiring freeze could bring new opportunities, challenges to contractors

    President-elect Donald Trump’s suggested hiring freeze on the federal workforce could have major implications for federal contractors. With possible plans to cut the size of the federal workforce through attrition and retirements, some contractors say industry may have to shoulder more of the workload, since the capability requirements won’t change even as government shrinks.

  • Final rule for federal contracting calls for compliance, transparency

    Final guidance for the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces Executive Order includes a phase-in schedule for contractors, as well as an opportunity for pre-assessment from the Labor Department.

  • Rep. Hurd answers OMB’s IT challenge, proposes alternative strategy

    Lawmakers are offering the Modernizing Obsolete and Vulnerable Enterprise IT (MOVE-IT) Act as an alternative to the White House’s $3.1 billion IT Modernization Fund proposal to help agencies update technology networks and applications.

  • Alan Chvotkin: What’s in the NDAA that will impact industry?

    Tucked into the National Defense Authorization bill for 2017 were two provisions that would change contract protests and not in a way favorable industry. The Professional Services Council had asked House Armed Services Committee leaders to drop them. PSC Executive Vice President Alan Chvotkin joins Federal Drive with Tom Temin to discuss what’s in the bill.

  • Acquisition reform bill could mean better record-keeping at DHS

    The Homeland Security Department’s procurement workforce could be getting a lesson in good housekeeping following a dismal report card last year.

  • Dave Wennergren: 6 principles for better federal IT

    Federal IT, and now to improve it, is an industry all by itself. The latest authority to weigh in is the Professional Services Council. Together with the Technology Councils of North America and other groups, it’s issued a detailed white paper covering six principles for better federal IT. Dave Wennergren is the PSC’s executive vice president. Federal Drive anchor Tom Temin asked him about the findings, including the question of, why yet another run at IT advice.

  • GSA delays contract for services to protect OPM hack victims

    The Navy’s Naval Sea Systems Command will be in charge of hiring a contractor to provide identity-protection services to victims of the breach on the Office of Personnel Management’s background-investigation database. NAVSEA will issue an RFQ early next week. GSA was supposed to send it out this week.

  • Sen. McCaskill threatens to hold up nomination of new GSA administrator

    The Missouri Democrat is frustrated over the lack of answers from GSA about the program to consolidate eight disparate databases holding vendor information. McCaskill said the System for Award Management is taking too long and is costing too much.