• Congress mulls new way to dispute SBA size standards

    A new bill would let companies challenge the agency through an administrative process that promises to be simpler and cheaper than litigation. Witnesses at a congressional hearing said they feared new size standards would alter competition for $200 billion in small-business set asides.

  • Federal News Countdown: 4 million feds at risk of cyber breach, Fair play rule concerns contractors

    Stan Soloway, president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, and Ron Marks, senior fellow at the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University, count down the week’s top federal stories with Francis Rose.

  • OFPP initiates 360-degree reviews of the acquisition process

    New guidance from Anne Rung, the administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, implements a way for vendors and program owners to rate the acquisition process in each agency. The goal of Acquisition 360 is to identify potential procurement process improvements.

  • Alan Chvotkin, Executive VP and Counsel, Professional Services Council

    While the 2016 budget was crashing into the news yesterday, a quiet change took place in the contractor community. The TechAmerica Foundation became part of the Professional Services Council. The Council got TechAmerican from the trade group CompTIA, which acquired the foundation just last May. Although the name will change, you can still count on the annual events you’ve come to expect each year. Those include the Vision Forecast and Conference, the CIO survey and the American Technology Awards. Alan Chvotkin is executive vice president and counsel at the Professional Services Council. He joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive with details on the acquisition.

  • PSC acquires TechAmerica Foundation, ending 15-month saga

    CompTIA decides to get out of the federal sector and focus on its core capabilities.

  • Dave Wennergren, Senior Vice President for Technology, PSC

    As Congress comes back next week, the Defense Department expects to make a huge push to end sequestration — or at least blunt its effects. Part of the case the Pentagon will make is that its “cost culture” strategy is making a difference in how it’s spending the money it does have. Dave Wennergren is Senior Vice President for Technology at the Professional Services Council, and former Assistant Deputy Chief Management Officer at the Defense Department. He shared his Top 3 for 2015 on In Depth with Francis Rose. He said that cost culture will spread from the Pentagon to all across government.

  • Norton’s proposed bill rewards contractors for fair labor practices

    When Congress resumes, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton is set to introduce a bill that directs federal agencies to give preferential points to federal government vendors based on their labor practices. Norton’s is the latest in a series of bills and orders designed to improve working conditions for federal contracting employees.

  • Stan Soloway, PSC, and Roger Waldron, CGP

    It’s day three of our special report “The Missing Pieces of Procurement Reform”. Today’s focus — taking stock for the future. What aspects of the procurement process should the government preserve or replicate across government? Stan Soloway is president and CEO of the Professional Services Council, and Roger Waldron is president of the Coalition for Government. They joined In Depth with Francis Rose to explain what’s working well in the procurement process.

  • Beth McGrath & Dave Wennergren

    The House and Senate Armed Services Committees are trying to pay close attention to defense acquisition reform. Dave Wennergren is senior vice president of technology policy at the Professional Services Council and the Pentagon’s former chief information officer. Beth McGrath is director of Deloitte Federal Practice and the Defense Department’s former deputy chief management officer. They joined on In Depth with Francis Rose to discuss acquisition reform.

  • OMB: Plan for implementing security-clearance fixes coming soon

    In the coming months, the federal government will release a detailed plan for implementing more than a dozen recommendations to improve the security clearance process, said Office of Management and Budget Deputy Director for Management Beth Cobert. The government’s recommendations, which were included in an interagency report published by OMB last month, call for “continuous evaluation” of clearance holders and strengthened oversight of the background-investigation process.