retirement claims backlog

  • Fewer feds retired in May, but OPM is taking longer to process those claims

    New retirement claims data from the Office of Personnel Management shows a reversal of previous trends around how fast the agency is processing cases.

  • Retirement claims hold steady as OPM makes progress on backlog

    The number of federal employees submitting retirement claims in March is holding steady from February, according to an update released by the Office of Personnel Management. Meanwhile, OPM increased the number of claims it was able to process last month, leading to a decrease in the backlog.

  • OPM makes modest progress on retirement claims backlog

    The Office of Personnel Management sped up its processing of federal retirement claims in September, but only resulted in a modest reduction in its overall claims backlog.

  • OPM retirement claims backlog reaches lowest point in a year

    The Office of Personnel Management continued to make progress in whittling down its backlog of unprocessed retirement claims during the month of June. The backlog stood at 14,530, the lowest it’s been since last June.

  • Drop in new claims allows OPM to catch up on retirement claims backlog

    The Office of Personnel Management took advantage of the lowest number of new retirement claims since December 2016 to reduce its backlog by nearly 3,000 claims. OPM’s retirement backlog currently sits at 16,140 claims, the lowest number yet in 2017.

  • OPM makes 14 percent reduction in retirement claims backlog

    The Office of Personnel Managment has made some progress in working through the spike in retirement claims it saw earlier this year. However, the agency still has a higher overall backlog in claims than did a year ago.

  • OPM retirement claims near ‘steady state’

    The Office of Personnel Management is within spitting distance of reaching its benchmark for retirement claims after June.

  • Is the new self-plus-one option right for you?

    David Snell, director of retirement benefits at NARFE, joins host Mike Causey to discuss the new self-plus-one health care option for federal employees, and the backlog in processing retirement applications. December 16, 2015

  • OPM shifts focus in monthly retirement reports

    The Office of Personnel Management has new metrics for reporting its progress on monthly retirement claims. OPM also made a sizable dent in its retirement backlog in October, which dropped by about 2,000 cases.

  • OPM continues to chip away at claims backlog in June

    The Office of Personnel Management made a slight improvement in its retirement processing in June after posting its worst numbers in a year last month.