Richard Nixon

  • Inspectors general, a good-government ‘experiment,’ celebrate 40 years of oversight

    When President Jimmy Carter signed the Inspector General Act on Oct. 12, 1978,  he saw the legislation as an olive branch to an American public that was still reeling from the resignation of President Richard Nixon. 

  • Unions play political cards

    Back in less partisan times, federal and postal unions or at least their elected leaders leaned Democratic and but close ties with key Republicans in Congress, as well as with staffers whose committees dealt with civil service matters.

  • Bobbie Kilberg Discusses Her Role in 4 White House Administrations

    “Take risks. Take chances. Look for opportunities. You’ll be surprised where that next job opportunity will come from,” said Bobbie Kilberg, president and CEO of the Northern Virginia Technology Council. Kilberg sat down with Women…

  • Take risks, look for opportunities, Kilberg advises

    Bobbie Kilberg, president and CEO of the Northern Virginia Technology Council, talks to Women of Washington about the three presidential administrations in which she served.

  • The powerful we don’t elect

    Cabinet nominees, judges — those names will be debated, dragged through the mud. But presidents bring in many more people they alone can choose.

  • Author recounts forgotten history of how women broke government’s glass ceilng

    Lee Stout, the author of A Matter of Simple Justice: A Matter of Simple Justice: The Untold Story of Barbara Hackman Franklin and a Few Good Women joined the Federal Drive with Tom Temin and Emily Kopp to discuss how and when women started to become full members of the federal workforce.