Richard Thissen

  • Federal long-term care premiums rising by triple digits

    The Office of Personnel Management says long-term care insurance members will see premiums rise by as much as 126 percent. Participants can start looking at their package options July 18.

  • Social Security reform for CSRS feds hits a roadblock

    Congress and members in the federal community are at a standstill over how to change the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) for federal employees and retirees in the Civil Service Retirement System. House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady had a bill that would lessen the WEP penalty, but last-minute changes to the legislation derailed its official introduction to Congress.

  • Postal reforms receive stamp of approval from House committee

    Two postal reform bills passed the House Oversight and Government Reform committee, although not without opposition or concerns.

  • Repackaged House bill extends same controversial VA firing procedures to all SES

    The House passed a bill that would change the way agencies discipline and remove federal employees and members of the Senior Executive Service. One provision would put all SES members under the same, expedited disciplinary process that senior executives at the Veterans Affairs Department had until the Justice Department challenged its constitutionality.

  • Senate rejects potential change to TSP G-Fund, but highway fund bill stalls

    Senate leaders agreed in principle to a six-year highway transportation fund bill that doesn’t try to raise money by changing the way the interest rate on the G-Fund is calculated. But Democrats stopped the bill from moving to a full vote because they wanted more time to read the entire bill.

  • Fears return over rumored changes to TSP’s G Fund

    The congressional stalemate over funding a long-term highway bill is reviving fears that lawmakers could raid the Thrift Savings Plan. House Republicans have proposed cutting the G Fund’s interest rate to free up $32 billion over ten years.

  • Five things every federal employee should know about the Obama budget

    A 1.3-percent pay raise, reforms to the Senior Executive Service and increased emphasis on employee feedback are just some of the initiatives proposed in President Barack Obama’s 2016 budget.

  • Obama authorizes up to six weeks of paid parental leave for feds

    President Barack Obama is signing a Presidential Memorandum today directing agencies to provide six weeks of advance sick leave for federal employees to care for their newborn child.

  • House, Senate bills push for 3.8 percent federal pay raise

    Companion bills introduced in the House and Senate would give federal employees a 3.8 percent pay raise next year. Federal employees received 1 percent pay raises in both 2014 and 2015, after three years of pay freezes.

  • Thissen elected NARFE’s new national president

    National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association delegates elected Richard G. Thissen as their new national president. He succeeds outgoing President Joseph A. Beaudoin.