Ross Wilkers

  • Ross Wilkers: Good numbers for big government contractors

    Good numbers for some big government contractors are some of the biggest highlights of Wall Street’s earnings season. For one company, a big contract award means a nice pop on its stock price. Ross Wilkers, newsroom editor at Executive Mosaic, give In Depth with Francis Rose the lowdown about the Gov Con Index.

  • Ross Wilkers: Government contracting off to rocky start in new fiscal year

    The government contracting industry is starting off the new fiscal year a little less healthy than a month ago. The same problems that are hitting stock prices of companies in broader indexes are affecting the government contracting space. And then there’s the uncertainty around the shutdown on top of it all. Ross Wilkers is newsroom editor at Executive Mosaic, publishers of the GovCon Index. He discussed the impact of all this uncertainty as part of Industry Chatter on In Depth with Francis Rose.

  • Ross Wilkers: Contractors endure Wall Street-inspired heartburn

    Investors in the biggest companies that serve the federal government aren’t exempt from the ups and downs of the stock market that have been playing out for the last several weeks. Ross Wilkers is newsroom editor at Executive Mosaic, which tracks the GovCon Index. He told Francis Rose on Industry Chatter the wild ride on Wall Street in August made for some heartburn for investors in government contracting companies too.

  • Ross Wilkers: Measuring health of government contracting space

    A measure of the health and strength of the government contracting industry is available through the GovCon Index. Executive Mosaic calculates it every day the stock market is open. Ross Wilkers is the newsroom editor of Executive Mosaic. He tells In Depth with Francis Rose how you can use it to gauge the gov con space.