Sandia National Laboratory

  • Top 10 Ask the CIO interviews of 2019

    DISA, cybersecurity and non-CIOs talking tech seemed to draw the interest of Federal News Network listeners and readers in 2019 on the Ask the CIO show.

  • DoE looks to research labs for unique cybersecurity solutions

    The Department of Energy faces distinct challenges in securing an energy infrastructure that largely consists of equipment designed before the internet was a consideration, much less hacking and cybersecurity. But it also has some unique resources to draw on in accomplishing this mission.

  • Air Force nominee defends past work for Energy labs, says Air Force is too small to meet its missions

    Senators grilled President Donald Trump’s nominee for Secretary of the Air Force on Thursday over $450,000 in alleged improper payments her private consulting firm collected from Energy Department laboratories, but their questions and Heather Wilson’s answers did little to shed little additional light on the matter.

  • Joe Petrillo, Procurement Attorney, Petrillo & Powell PLLC

    An energy inspector general investigation has found several problems with the way Sandia National Laboratories awarded billions of dollars in maintenance and operations contracts to Lockheed Martin. The IG found a lack of competition and violation of at least one important statute. In this week’s legal loop, attorney Joe Petrillo of Petrillo and Powell, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Driveto explain what this investigation means for Sandia Martin.

  • Julia Phillips, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Sandia National Laboratories

    Although it dates back to World War II, Sandia National Labs continues to make important contributions to national security today. Sandia’s research and development aid the Pentagon in its nuclear mission and civilian agencies in energy, climate and infrastructure security. Julia Phillips, vice president and chief technology officer of Sandia National Laboratories, discussed Sandia’s research agenda with Federal Drive hosts Tom Temin and Emily Kopp.

  • National lab seeks cybersecurity research partners

    The Cybersecurity Technologies Research Lab’s goals include building the scientific foundation for cybersecurity research, developing critical relationships and testing solutions in real-world situations.

  • NNSA looks cut costs while growing efficiences

    After more than two years of review, the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration has announced its new acquisition strategy decision for key contracts. We get details from Patty Wagner, site office manager at Sandia National Laboratories