• Warner ‘cautiously optimistic’ on DATA Act rollout

    Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) wants to see updated agency implementation plans, as well as a plan to ensure the law continues its implementation through the election season.

  • Pay raise intact in House 2017 appropriations bill

    Federal employees are one-step closer to a 1.6 percent pay raise in 2017 as the $21.7 billion Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill passed out of subcommittee.

  • Beware the Ponzi scheme, it still exists – 5/22/16

    Owen Donley of the Securities and Exchange Commission outlines the risks of a new type of investment investment opportunity — crowdfunding.

  • SEC expands life raft with new tools as its sea of data grows

    Pam Dyson, the Securities and Exchange Commission’s CIO, said she is developing a new strategy to better deal with the ever-growing flood of information coming into the agency.

  • Financial fraudsters – 6/28/15

    M. Owen Donley III of the Securities and Exchange Commission discusses some of the brazen ways in which crooks engage in investment fraud.

  • Federal technology chairs shuffle at SEC, NASA

    The Securities and Exchange Commission is promoting from within for its new chief information officer. NASA is losing a key senior technology executive to retirement.

  • DHS ‘aces’ plain writing report; State, Interior score ‘incompletes’

    The Center for Plain Language issued its annual plain language report cards Tuesday, with the Homeland Security Department, Social Security Administration and Security Exchange Commission earning top scores.

  • Lori Walsh, Chief, Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics, SEC

    For years the Securities and Exchange Commission has been seen as perhaps a step behind the securities fraudsters it’s charged with stopping. But at least one branch is embracing the technological future, using the latest electronic tools to spot potential wrongdoing. Lori Walsh is the chief of the SEC’s Center for Risk and Quantitative Analytics. It houses some of the agency’s brightest minds, all focused on stopping new forms of Wall Street crime. She joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive to explain how they’re going about it.

  • Commerce takes bigger oversight role in its bureaus’ cybersecurity

    Cybersecurity within the Commerce Department has traditionally been overseen and managed by its 14 individual bureaus. Those agencies will still operate their own IT systems, but a new Commercewide oversight center will aggregate all information about the department’s vulnerabilities into a single dashboard to be used by senior management.

  • Andrew Ceresney, Co-Director, Division of Enforcement, SEC

    Big changes continue at the Securities and Exchange Commission, which is deep into an investigation into whether Centers for Medicare and Medicaid employees leaked information to stock traders. At the same time, the agency is dealing with an uptick in its caseload over the last year to nearly 700 enforcement actions. Some experts say the numbers represent only a partial success because the SEC hasn’t launched many blockbuster investigations. Andrew Ceresney, director of enforcement at the SEC, joined Tom Temin on the Federal Drive and explained the agency’s priorities.