social media

  • Public affairs and social media are a powerful mix

    Don’t let the fallout from Weinergate have a chilling effect on your use of social media! We get tips for avoiding trouble in the Twitterverse from the Partnership for Public Service’s John Palguta.

  • USDA grows quick wins in records management

    USDA’s Rodger Matthews discusses records management of social media, balancing open access with security requirements, and quick wins that federal agencies can do to improve their programs.

  • Incorporating social media in your health care

    Dr. Harry Greenspun is the Senior Advisor for Health Care Transformation and Technology at Deloitte Center for Health Solutions. He joins the Federal Drive with information on how social media should be a part of health care management

  • GSA releases social media guidelines

    The General Services Administration has devised a social media guide for its employees. Federal News Radio spoke with Jacke Zeheir, director of the IT Policy & Compliance Division in the GSA CIO’s office.

  • Twitter on Telework

    Take a look at some of the buzz about telework on Twitter.

  • Twitter czar coming to your agency?

    Sunday night’s news of the death of Osama bin Laden proved that people have established Twitter as a source for news – and sometimes their first source for news. But is the microblogging service influential enough for agencies to establish positions to oversee Twitter accounts?

  • Do’s and don’ts of military blogging

    To give insight on what military bloggers can and can’t do is milblogger and retired Senior Master Sergeant Rex Temple of the Air Force.

  • How social media changed shutdown rhetoric

    Steve Ressler, founder and president of GovLoop, talks to Tom Temin about the current and future use of social media in government, and how social media changed the talk surrounding the potential shutdown.

  • Social media challenges agency records management

    Agencies are increasingly using social media in their work. But platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer challenges to records management.

  • Gov social media strategies catching up to private sector

    John Moore is founder and CEO of Government in the Lab. He’s focused for years on open government strategy and he says the public sector isn’t that far behind in social media.