Social Security

  • 2020 retiree COLA: Going up, down or nowhere?

    Federal retirees and folks who get Social Security benefits may be among the few people in the country who get anxious when crude oil prices drop.

  • Timing your retirement isn’t rocket science, but no cake walk

    Benefits expert Tammy Flanagan, will be Mike Causey’s guest today on Your Turn, airing 10 a.m. EDT, streaming on or on 1500 AM in the Washington, D.C., area.

  • Retirement tidal wave: Will you be part of it?

    John Grobe, president of Federal Career Experts, specializes in prepping feds for retirement and is Mike Causey’s guest on today’s episode of Your Turn.

  • Understanding Social Security: Tips to Help You Maximize Your Benefit Amount

    Insight by NITP, Inc. March 18, 2019 –  Host Bob Leins, CPA® and co-host John Elliott, Federal Benefits Specialist, NITP, welcome Lester Austin, Retired Senior Public Affairs Specialist with the Social Security Administration.  Social Security…

  • 2019 make or break for FERS retirement benefits

    Most of the House Republicans who repeatedly tried to cut costs in the massive FERS program are either gone from Congress or relegated by the 2016 midterm elections to minority status.

  • Return of the (not so) Magnificent Six

    But if you don’t appreciate politicians trying to eliminate long-promised features of your Federal Employees Retirement System or Civil Service Retirement System packages fasten your seat belts.

  • Are you on the government’s endangered species list?

    If Uncle Sam kept a list of endangered workers, folks under the old Civil Service Retirement System would be at the top. Less than six of every 100 workers still on the payroll are under the system that was phased out in the mid 1980s.

  • Federal government’s employer brand is in trouble

    Employer branding is one of the chief battlefields in the fight for talent. The government is not well-positioned for that fight.

  • Brace for your peanut-sized, post-shutdown paycheck

    If you don’t like financial surprises you are probably going to hate the catch-up paycheck coming your way. The money you get for shutdown-delayed wages may not be nearly as much as you expected.

  • Shutdown assignment: Taking care of number one

    Regardless of age, experience, grade, location or job federal workers today fall into one of two categories, neither of which is good.